Madrid, Spain
American Hardwood Export Council

Commissioned by Martha Thorne and designed by Benedetta Tagliabue. Made from American red oak, American tulipwood, American walnut and American gum.

At first, Martha didn’t have a clear idea of what she wanted. “As we were talking, we came to the conclusion that what I value most is the time I spend with my friends. They are like my family in Spain and, although the time we share is limited, when we do meet I like it to be in a comfortable environment in which the focus is on sharing. And where can you share best -whether food, a book or a cup of coffee- than around a coffee table”, says Martha.

Benedetta carried out an extensive research and the result of her work materialised in a set of coffee tables, made up of two models. The ‘ribbons’ model is characterised by its subtle wavy shape, whilst the ‘profiles’ model carefully combines the profiles of the faces of Martha and Benedetta to create a piece of strong personality, which is deeply engaging at the same time.
The small “ribbons” tables were manufactured by gluing layers of veneer. They were the pieces with the most artisanal and tricky manufacturing process. “We even had to create bespoke moulds to be able to construct the irregular curved shape of each one of the tables”, said Félix Larragueta, director of La Navarra.

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