Shanghai, China
Vanke Shanghai

Connecting the old and new, local and global; blending the chic and the heritage is the key concept of the Vanke Project. Special attention is also paid towards the legacy of Longhua Temple, and the adjacent water body.

From observing the site geographical conditions, we found that there is an interesting hierarchy of the water system, from the Longhua River (canal) to the Huangpu River to the Sea. The Huangpu River has a symbolic meaning to Shanghai and it is an important element in defining the local culture.

The Longhua Temple, with over one thousand years of history, is the oldest temple in Shanghai. It represents a key element for the legacy of the city. The oldest historical heritage and the latest development in Shanghai conglomerate on the site.

The galleria  typology is borrowed from European cities to create a new identity for the place. Blended with vernacular Chinese architectural elements, this iconic pergola is reinvented to lead the flows to Vanke Shopping District, generating a hierarchical system, with the main avenue highlighted. It offers the customers shaded areas and comfortable environment to stroll around.