Pontedera, Pisa, Italy
Comune di Pontedera

To design a road in a post-industrial area means to convert it into a contemporary function and to remember the former use of the area.

The building of the Vespa production gives the façade to the road, and we would like to inspire the new public space by giving reference in what happened behind these walls.

The “Vespa” as an icon image of Pontedera has become an important part of the Italian culture from the second half of the 20th century.

Our starting point is the movement of the Vespa and the shape of it to work on the new design for this road where Vespas were built.

Inspired in this colourful Vespas and in its silhouettes, we start in an experimental way an inlay design in ceramics.

By redrawing the shapes, fragmenting them, and reinterpreting them, we create a colourful and inspiring atmosphere that remembers to the Vespa and its history.

We do a free rhythm of trees to provide shadow and light and to give a natural character to improve the atmosphere in the new public space. These trees combine with urban furniture and with pergolas green islands which provide a comfortable ambient in this former industrial area.