Palermo, Italy
Assessorato Infrastrutture e Mobilità Dipartimento Regionale Tecnico

The New Administrative Centre of Regione Sicilia will be like the storytelling of the rich history of Sicily. And of Palermo in particular. Each building of the complex, with its volumes, facades, outdoor spaces – public and private – the varied functions and its layout within the project area, will represent a specific historical phase of the city, highlighting the most characteristic elements and reinterpreting them.

We will relive the birth of the Phoenician Palermo, its evolution under the Arabs and the Normans, the decorative explosion of the seventeenth century, the cultural richness of the Belle Epoque and the liberty style, to finally embrace the contemporary artistic fervour, which makes Palermo a fully-fledged European capital.

The project for the New Sicily Government Headquarter is a new urban space for Palermo that recalls the most beautiful Sicilian squares, with the churchyard, the civic centre, the school, the bars, the shops. These elements are then reinterpreted in a contemporary language, innovative and playful.

A huge square, whose pavement recalls the colourful decorations of the “Carretto Siciliano”, connects in a lively way not only the Executive Center offices buildings but also the school and public activities (auditorium, church, commercial activities) animating the ground floor of this new complex. The design of the pavement is integrated with one of the fountains and the water features, the green parterres and the flowerbeds, which soften the daytime walks in this wonderful new city centre.

Finally, along the road passing under the railway line, a more “wild” vegetation will constitute a natural physical barrier, both visual and sonic, towards the road and will remember the beautiful landscape of the ancient Conca D’Oro, rich in citrus, olive trees, vines, almonds and hazelnuts.

Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue

Project director: Marzia Faranda

Design team: Salva Gilabert, Erica Hansen, Agnese Blanca, Daniel Hernan García, Pietro Borzacca, Juan Secondo, Gabriele Rotelli.

Managing team: Daniel Rosselló, Arturo Mc Clean, Roger Pérez

Local Architects: Orazio La Monaca, Salvatore Aiuto

Landscape: Studio Laura Gatti

Energetic Consultant: Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH, AI Group

Structural Consultant: One Works

Fire Strategy: Studio Mistretta

Renders and Video: Fancy