Hamburg, Germany
mfi Development GmbH

The main aim of our proposal is to define the new facade of Hamburg to the River Elbe, to establish an attractive “Endpoint” to the new city centre. Hamburg is known as the “Gate to the world” and even its emblem shows a gate. This image of the city is transformed into a building which will be the starting – or Endpoint of the “Magdeburger Hafen”. We transform the previewed skyscraper / tower typology into an emblematic building in order to establish the new silhouette of Hamburg. This gate is combined with a zone, formed like terraces for retail, food and beverage (DEX) to give these functions a strong visual appearance and to connect them with the interior space.

The terraces are inspired by the roof zone of the Chile house. The volume of the gate is optimized for offices. Underneath the office structure is placed the retail and DEX area. They are articulated in their volume to emphasize their importance. The façade of the office volume is a glass – steel – structure (curtain wall). The white waterfront is generated by a white printed pattern on the glass. Retail and DEX are designed to have a transparent glass façade, the top part will show the logos of the restaurants and the bottom part is movable in order to open to the square and the terrace areas.