Moscow, Russia
Capital Group

The aim of the project is to build the best possible architectural environment, the setting for a good life, in the fullest sense. But what exactly is “the good life”? What is the setting for a good life?.

The project revolves around the construction of a unique enclave comprising all the homes and all of the general installations and services. The shopping arcade and pedestrian street, which cross the plot, are situated on the east side, separate from the residential complex. This creates a unity for the residential area, facilitating its control as well as the construction of a place with a strong sense of belonging.

A good house is not only a good place to live but a place for sharing with friends and family, a place in which to work and organise representational activities. The project finds a balance between social activity and representational needs on the one hand and the domestic comforts of privacy on the other. This is achieved by a spatial organisation in which in each home, whether of the smaller or larger variety, the daytime and night-time activities, the most public and the most private, are clearly separated. The pathways through the external areas are equally clearly organised, allowing visitors to access the shared facilities without altering the domestic life of the residential complex.

Team:        EMBT + Burgos&Garrido + CNIIP