Barcelona, Spain
Passoni Nature

Continuing its foray into furniture design, the architect Benedetta Tagliabue has designed the sofa BOTAN. It’s born from a flower, the flower that represents the nature, the primary element that inspires the products Passoni Nature. Botan, which means peony in Japanese, takes a volume which is comfortable for sitting. Its wood and fabric components are combined like the petals of this peony. The fabrics are designed by combining similar shades and then recomposing strips for playing with the bottom-figure technique with floral elements. Two poufs complete the composition, creating a real flower that with its geometry allows for a multitude of possible combinations. The sofa is suitable for any type of ambience. The single composition is for the most intimate of spaces and, more complex compositions draw flowers and butterflies into large spaces. The innovative design of Botan is a collaboration with Passoni Nature, making use of sophisticated technology that celebrates the tradition, preserving the traditional processes close to Nature.