Parco del Mare Municipality of Rimini 3
Italy, Rimini
Comune di Rimini

The project stems from the need to create an urban environment dedicated to the city of Rimini and tourism of all ages, usable year round.

The basic idea is to create an urban park integrated with the naturalness of the beaches and the sea, insisting in a relaxed environment, where sand dunes and native vegetation arise and where natural materials such as wood and ceramics are used.

The purpose of this new project for the park of the sea is to promote culture, well-being and sport, through various functions and activities that aspire to extend the use of the park throughout the year.

Sinuous lines and colors accompany those strolling along the extension of the Water front.

The wooden and ceramic floors suggest identifying themes of the different sections and connect with the city through streets and squares, underlining a new-found city connection with the beach and the sea.

The urban and coastal greenery is presented in the form of meadows, shrubs at different heights and trees, creating a natural and continuous shadow throughout the walk.

The sea on the horizon is always visible and together with the greenery they constantly introduce nature to the waterfront.

The dunes are characterized by an oblong shape reminiscent of that of sardines and will become the main theme of the promenade.

The dunes will be both sand, “naturalizing” the stretch between the promenade and the beach, and land, introducing trees and shrubs in the most mineral area of the promenade.

The different identities of Rimini will be represented in the pavements, making the different sections along the 6 km of seafront recognizable.

We will remember the Roman Rimini, with its mosaics and its bridges, we will remember the Rimini Malatestiana and Albertiana, we will pay homage to Federico Fellini and his unforgettable characters, the folkloric tradition of ballroom dancing will be exalted and the importance of engines will be remembered, from the era of the colonies and the Belle Epoque.

Each square will recall the main theme in a mosaic floor visible from above.

The ceramic tiles will also have a bas-relief appropriate to the theme.