Prato, Italy
Comune di Prato

The New Central Park of Prato is a contemporary space inside the 13th century ancient walls and it shows the extraordinary nature of this city which was able to invent and innovate in the field of art, craftsmanship and community building.

The water, that brought richness trough the textile industries and agriculture and which was a defensive element in the past, will be now a source of leisure, culture, art and wellness: water as the encyclopedia of our life.

The old channels of Prato, “le gore”, will play a new role in this city, as a way of represent Art and culture for the people. They define the areas of the park like strings weaving the landscape and connect the plot to the city. We have transformed those elements and have sewed them in a new shape.

The new park will give this space back to the city-center, until now closed to the citizen, and will let the country-scape came in through lanes that lead us inside and outside the walls. Two garden-square are the filter between the city and the park and a botanic path will guide us into the vegetal biodiversity.