Barcelona, Spain

The integration of design, art and light in architecture dates back to a long time ago, and maybe this is the reason why lamps have gradually stopped being just an item emitting light to become a light sculpture which confers a special personality to the product and its environment.

Dome is a lamp inspired by the domes of the Renaissance. In a journey through time, and by revisiting the history of architecture, we have observed the Basilica Mercè in Barcelona, the Pantheon in Rome, the dome Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and dome of St. George in Venice…

It is also inspired from the domes of the utopian geodesic world of R. Buckminster Fuller, becoming a double dome, towards the sky and towards the land.

Dome is a new hanging lamp that projects the light and shadows from its wooden pieces. The light plays with the complex geometry of Dome, creating innumerable designs of light and shadows, which accompany this lightweight lamp, yet big format.

With DOME we decided to take the light out of the object so it becomes a light sculpture designed to receive and emit a delicate light, a play of lights and shadows that enrich the space.

More than 170 bid and small wood fragments are wisely intertwined and sewed one by one to end up in such a jigsaw puzzle. Dome is available on three sizes: 180, 90 and 60 cm diameter.

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