Esch Sur Azlette, Luxembourg

This project was developed as a exhibition space for the centenary of the city of Esch- Sur-Azlette in Luxembourg. The pavilion was to be used as an art gallery after the exhibition. Arcelor is known as one of the most important steel companies in the world, and it was founded in this small city located in south of Luxembourg. The growth and development of the city has been strongly linked to the company.

The project started from catching images of the growth and geometry of the site. The pavilion is situated between a path of the park and wild part (recapturing nature) of the new centenary park. At the same time, the pavilion is situated on an important axis of the city, that the pavilion itself extends. Our first image of the space was to rise up from the earth and take form as an extended path of the park. This image helped us to forge connections between some points of the park and offering small public space under the main space of the pavilion.