November 2022

work in progress: Parco del Mare, Rimini halfway through

The design of Rimini’s southern waterfront is an ambitious redevelopment project which will transform 16 Kilometers of the coast of the Italian city. Its construction has started from the two extremities of the intervention area and has already transformed half of it into a beautiful park on the seaside.

Rimini´s southern waterfront project is called ´Parco del Mare´ since the main aim is the “re-naturalization” of the current car-busy seaside, transforming it into a huge urban green space where you can walk among different types of Mediterranean-dune vegetation.

´Parco del Mare´ is the place where the cycling and the pedestrian path move together, guiding the users through several “fish bank” shaped green spaces, fitness areas and playgrounds, which recall the movement of the sea life. The vegetation accompanies the walkways through small community squares, spaces of conviviality and sociality overlooking the sea, like real open-air relaxation lounges.

“Tiling” the history of Rimini

If one of the main objectives of the park is to express Rimini’s identity as an Italian seaside capital, the flooring design also plays an important role. It is composed by different materials, depending on the functions, and the octagonal tiles, specifically designed for this project, narrate the history of Rimini, like a journey across its connection to the sea and its cultural and historical backgrounds. The chromatics of the tiles changes along the promenade and is matched by the color of the selected plant species.