April 14th, 2023

Roca returns to FuoriSalone 2023 with a pavilion by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects re-experiencing nature and paying tribute to 20th-century Barcelona architecture inspired by the lights and textures of the Mediterranean.

A sinuous and multisensory passage between undulating wood and ceramic walls where pylons and shutters create a game of lights, shadows, and textures.

Following Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects’ design of creating ceramic tiles with allegorical drawings of Roca’s latest collections Nu, designed by Inma Bermúdez and Tura, by Andreu Carulla, the visitor can find a subtle reference to these two new collections on the pavilion floor. With the combination of technology and tradition, this work comprises ceramic tiles produced by Ceràmice Cumella in collaboration with IAAC.

Nutura Pavilion
Exhibition dates 17–26 April 2023
Press launch Monday, 17 April 2023 at 14.00h

Interni Design Re-Evolution
Università degli studi di Milano (courtyard)
Via Festa del Perdono 7, 20122 Milano

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