Moscow, Russia

The Scandinavian countries are characterized by its northern feeling with nature, long winters and snow. We imagined a snow covered landscape with the lines of the ski traces.  We redraw these lines on top of the site to define the geometric pattern of the park. The boreal lighting is a stunning attraction for tourists worldwide. We introduce light features in our park which create this northern ambient of boreal light phenomenon and white nights, which give an outstanding effect to the Park.

The structure of the park is lineal, following the existing lake. We develop a structure of two canyons as the main distribution of the park, which cross the plot. One of the canyons is defined by the lake which keeps its natural shape. Following this theme we add water elements with a Scandinavian character as special features of the promenade with adjacent places to play and to recreate. The second canyon is defined as a big esplanade with spaces for individual use, little playgrounds and educative activities as well as information points and interactive elements about nature. It is defined by its variation of colouring trees during the seasons.

Team:        EMBT + Progress