Tianjin, China
Tianjin Town Hall

“Life begins with water.” Since ancient times, human life has had a bond with water. In Chinese mythology, there are many mythological figures related to the sea. Simultaneously, the exploration, utilization and protection of marine resources is a very important agenda in establishing the strong image of a country.

In Tianjin, the city that since ancient times has existed as the port to enter China, there is an opportunity to create another milestone building of China’s maritime history, the National Maritime Museum.

The concept came from the study of the shape of the wave, the uninterrupted movement of the ocean that solely gives birth to life on Earth. Therefore, we thought about how to let people’s experience when they are in the building, both inside and outside, feel like exposure to the world of the ocean. At the same time, people can explore the craving to understand the ocean’s mystery and vastness.

The form of the building is completed with the movement of people circulation through the building and creating the random motion within this oceanic world.