Astana, Kazakhstan
National Expo Company Astana 2017

We can imagine a sostenible future learning from traditional kazakys way of life: selfproduction, respect to the earth and harmony between man and nature.

Astana has a spinal institutional axes, but also a green axes which leads to the Expo area. This is the people’s ludical axes. When it arrives in the Expo area it becomes a circle and turns into the great roof of Future Energy.

We choose not to have an object as the symbol for Astana’s Expo, but a wonderful new roof, a great glazed pergola, which brings people together and where activities can take place during the whole year.

This round wonderful space is the best symbol for the Third Industrial Revolution, which is about circular enconomy, in a closed circle in which energy is created, bought and sold by consumers. Circles are thus the main symbols of our proposal.