Yibin City Yiyue Tourism Company

Part of Sichuan Bamboo Forest Resort

The design concept of the scheme is Bamboo Forest Hill. The Chinese Bamboo Culture Experience Exhibition Area and the surrounding hills and bamboo sea landscape are not only formally integrated, but also form a rich bamboo sea feature in the process of finding similarities in their space and structure.

The architectural form is continuous arches, and the form of the arches comes from two intentions: the undulating and coherent form of the hills and hills of the bamboo sea in southern Sichuan and the swaying and scattered form of bamboo leaves.

Bamboo and water are the most important elements of this area. The presentation of them is the overarching concept of our design. The road is extended like branches to blend with the water surface, and the bamboo leaves on the water surface within the natural range are placed on the link trunk of each activity area.