161006 PatroCompetition

October 10, 2016

EMBT has received the 3rd place (ex aequo with Elemental studio) at the competition for Parco Centrale di Prato with a proposal that mixes the history of the place into the urban area.

‘We have recovered the original route of the old channel that had an industrial use, to turn it into a central element of the park to serve users, citizens and visitors. This channel divides, subdivides, the areas of the park, like a thread that weaves a natural landscape and connects with the urban area of Prato.’ – Benedetta Tagliabue – group leader 

Project directors: Stefan Geenen, Nazaret Busto. Design team: Riccardo Radica, Patricia De Osma, Kwong Fai Luk, Míša Křižáková, Juan David Fawcett, Filippo Dozzi, Enrico Narcisi, Carmine Rago, Paola Amato, Gabriele Rotelli, Paula Gheorghe.

Collaborators: Sustainability consultant: Matteo Ruta and Gabriele Masera – ABC Department, Polimi. Bussiness Plan: Alessio C. Mirabella. Management Plan: Diego Malosso – Concordia sas. Landscape Architect: Luca Puri. Environmental social scientist: Jampel Dell’angelo. Coastal Geologist: Luigi Enrico Cipriani. Multimedia Comunications: David Xirau Trias and Glòria Martí Costa. Local Architect: Eleonora Matilde Monzali. Videomaker: Oudú Studio – Lluc Miralles and Xavi Parcerisa. Renders: Prompt Collective, Play Time.

161006 PatroCompetition