161003 MI ARCH

October 7, 2016

Benedetta Tagliabue, Julio Martínez Calzón (engineer MC2) and Francesco Iorio (SIO Studio Iorio) will participate together at MI/ARCH with the roundtable ‘Expo and experiments with structures’ next Friday 14th of October, 2016.

MI/ARCH, the International Festival of Architecture promoted by Politecnico di Milano, every year hosts a series of conferences, meetings and public events.

Its fourth edition will explore the architecture-engineering nexus through the particular perspective of construction processes: a series of emblematic stories concerning the construction of simple structures within the contemporary space. The aim is to explore the forms through which Architecture and Engineering techniques intersect or overlap, sometimes colliding other times cooperating fruitfully.

14 October 2016. 21h15. Free access.
Politecnico di Milano. Patio di Architettura. Via Ampère 2.
Milan, Italy.

161003 MI ARCH