February 3, 2017

We are delighted to present this catalogue celebrating the 10th anniversay of the Gas Natural Fenosa building.

The background to such projects is always a long process which seems to be never-ending. Nevertheless, viewers and users only have the building and it is this that must be capable of transmitting the emotions and desires of the people responsible for the project.

We are not only talking about the architects and the technical team, but all those who have taken part in contributing to the future of the city and the company through this visionary project. Now the story can be told, at least in part, through this book.

Here we share with you our ideas, our sketches, the site documents. Here we tell of great relationships, our pride in seeing the finished building, the comments from our friends, our clients and our critics. All of this can be seen on its pages. There stands the building, it has to be able to transmit all this to the city as a whole. – Benedetta Tagliabue.

Follow this link to Download the PDF.