Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou Government

Those who visit the new Museum district will discover, surprisingly, that these almost plant-like facades when viewed closely reveal unexpected details; they will be dynamic facades that in certain moments will increase their communicative capacity with images, lights and sounds.

An innovative system of plastic tubes filled with water will allow, in certain key points of the facade, the projection of images. It consists of a system of projecting called ‘mapping’ which when desired can also become interactive with images projected onto the facades.

Behind the ceramic elements there is a screen of plastic elements called a ‘bubble matrix’, an invention of a contemporary artist. It is a simple, economic and fascinating conceptual technology which is capable of transmitting images through water and air.

Thanks to a special software that translates the image that one wants to represent into a sequence of bubbles, these bubbles are emitted in the transparent tubes which compose the design.

In this manner, contemporary artists will also have at their disposition the facades to exhibit their site specific and contextual work.