Ningbo, China
Ningbo Town Hall

The concept of our project is that the library should contain more meanings. The architectural space should show a new experience for people, have free entrance, hi-tech and should be suitable for all ages and accessible for all kinds of disabilities bringing us pleasure and knowledge at the same time.

The idea comes from the analysis and study of the traditional construction, octagonal structured roof covers which we adapted to the different parts of the project with a current shape. With this structure and with the books used as a remarkable object we generate the floor of the project as a union of opened books, that invite you towards the entrance os the building.

As a reminder of the countries culture, we use the traditional housing roofs in a figurative sense for the roof cover, formed by two different skins. A translucent skin, which works during the day as an environmental lighting filtered from the outside and in the late afternoon it turns in to a giant lamp towards the city. And an other technological secondary skin as a bioclimatic filter, which protects from the cold winter and the warm summer.