Jintan, China
Jintan Town Hall

The Landscape is the interface for inserting the urban block into the new urban district. This project provides a concept were the new landscape, which celebrate the local context and history, interlinks with the new program of the Science Park and the overall new urbanization of Jintan. The landscape consists of gardens and water boundaries which encircles and enhances the new built environment. The essence and richness of the local landscape and culture as well as the new activities on site will be closely integrated and represented to activate strategies of the new urban development of Jintan.

Environmental Design. In addition to the double façade, as part of the environmental design strategy, we propose to have roof garden and solar panel on top of every building. The water for the water boundary and the lake at the centre of the master plan would also be incorporated with the rain water and drain water recycling system. We hope that the Science Park would be a successful energy saving and environmental project as well as an outstanding green example for the rest of the development.