Guanzhou, China
Guangzhou Bureau of Science and IT

The new history museum is respectful of the pagoda. It leaves it the protagonist and presents itself to the public as a homogenous artefact of a single material: a ceramic mounted in ERC with a colour very similar to that of the stone of the city.

The facade delicately wraps the volume of the museum without distracting the visitor from the pagoda and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it. The visitor passes through the doors of the museum surrounded by a prominent landscape. At the threshold a surprise captures them: a majestic, tall, space, the incredible heart of the museum; a large cupola on the interior where people can circulate the main escalators which transport them to the various spaces.

The tropical vegetation that hangs from the centre and climbs between the pillars of the escalators, visually transforms the space into the interior of an enormous antique vase, inhabited by the tropical flora. The natural light that enters from the eye reflects through many small mirrors in the sky of the internal surface, transforming this cupola into a kind of lustrous magic lantern with many glimmers and sparkles.