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Shengshang Island, China
Organizer|The People’s Government of Shengsi County Contractors|Shengsi County Development and Reform Bureau Co-organizer|Bu.Jia.Si.Suo

shortlisted in competition

On the most eastern point of China, we find the idyllic Island of Shengshang, known as the End Mountain, a traditional fishing place with rich aquatic resources.

The “Century-old Fishing Ground” is transforming into an “International Island Tourism and Marine Sports Destination”.

A series of high-quality landmarks will be built along the west coast, promoting the Sea fishing activities, serving as a base for expert anglers, for sea fishing beginners, for high-net-worth-players and for general enthusiasts.

Architect: Benedetta Tagliabue

Project director: Stefan Geenen

Team Leader: Daniel Hernán García

Team: Amelia Manco, Lisa Blessing, Alejandra Aguilar, Ludovica Cucculelli, Sofia Dini, Asier Lacarra

Local Architects: Metrics – Pey Lung, Xing Xiang Cheng, Agnes Jiang

Renders: Playtime