Palafolls, Spain
Palafolls Town Hall

The area where the library is built is Esplanes Park on the outskirts of Palafolls, a place with great natural value, to the south, the presence of agricultural land and the river delta Tordela; and to the west, a river park. The project idea was to blend the new intervention with the existing landscape and at the same time make this space unique with a close relationship to the nature that surrounds it.

The library comprises about 700 square meters, divided into areas for adults, children, newspaper conference room, relaxation areas, storage spaces and services, in a labyrinthine manner. Through a non-linear succession of gardens and dividing walls, and the exterior park seeps inside different internal areas.

The library is thus presented as one big classroom, in which natural light enters from many different directions, in close contact with the patios, with their low walls, while protecting the visitor, not impede the view of the environment.