Barcelona, Spain
Gas Natural SDG. SP Torre Marenostrum S.L.

The new headquarters of Gas Natural is a tower of 22 stories, 86 meters high. EMBT created this project for the company in the Barceloneta neighborhood, very close to the seafront. The project called to design a unique tower capable of enriching the city skyline and also respecting the small dimensions of the buildings that make up the district of Barceloneta, an area where shermens families’ houses coexist with five-story apartment blocks.

From the outset, the project was designed to be compatible with these two main constraints. This meant planning for different volumes with different sizes and characteristics that would still make up a definite unit.

The work thus responds to different scales and enables the establishment of a physical dialogue with the nearby buildings. But it also rises up as a new city landmark. Finally, special attention was given to the new exterior spaces.