Gandía school of music
Gandía, Spain
Gandía City Hall

The House of the Music is a house for the musicians of Gandia, a city with a strong musical tradition. Gandia has many musical bands and in almost every family there is a relative who either plays in a band or studies in the conservatory. This culture requires a building which meets all the needs of the citizens so the program includes a music school, a conservatory and an auditorium.
The building is built in concrete with inspiration from musical imagery and its setting on the Beniopa Passeig de Gandia, gazing at the Serra Falconera. Therefore, the facade is designed with fragments of metal inspired by wind instruments. The lecture rooms breath the sea breeze and are located in both the east and the north facades while the auditorium, in the west, can be used as an open or closed concert hall facing the mountain range or as an outdoors auditorium.