Barcelona, Spain
Gremi de Restauració de Barcelona

Following the studio’s investigation on the character and urban space that terraces enliven in several European capitals, EMBT was commissioned the reimagining of one of Barcelona’s most representative urban areas, the Barceloneta waterfront. Benefitting from a privileged position immediately adjacent to the beach, the terrace owners’ union agreed on a collective strive for quality and creativity, in order to enrich the urban landscape and transform Barceloneta into an ‘area of excellence’ within the city.

The project draws its inspiration from the maritime tradition of the neighbourhood, historically the home of fishermen. Their fishing nets and typical boats, the llaüts, created a landscape of intertwining webs and sails, arranged freely along the shore, accessible and open to all the citizens. The rhythmic distribution of vertical masts on the sinuous backdrop of the sea was translated into the contemporary image of pergolas and umbrellas providing shade to the terraces.

Providing the area with a strong identifiable character that pays homage to its history was the main ambition, while also reinterpreting it to suit its modern and flexible use, in terms of design as well as use of materials, sustainability and attitude towards the public space.