Neijiang, China
Excellence Group

The painter Zhang Daqian was born in Neijiang. On April 2010, Excellence Group invited EMBT to design Zhang Daqian’s museum in Neijiang city, the painter’s hometown. The design philosophy behind the museum was to integrate the cultural essence of East and West and build expressing the past and the future. The site is located peak of Dong Tong Lu, Yuan mountain, west of Xi Lin monastery, south of the Tuo River. The museum is to be the landmark of the city.

The museum should grow from the existing tea house and extend its pavilions over and around a garden that moves topographically on different levels, enclosing some of the old trees within its scheme. The motives and gestures extracted from Zhang Daqian’s paintings will shape the forms of the laminated bamboo ribs that form the vertical structure, while the painter’s interpretation of Picasso’s face informs the geometries of the plan.